Bussiness and development

Collaboration models

NiiN is open to a variety of interaction models with research partners, but prioritizes collaborations based on common research interests and shared contributions. In addition to partnering with companies, NiiN collaborates with other local research institutes, hospitals and Universities to enhance value to strategic research programs in Nigeria.

Industry – Industry engagements

NiiN has established close links with Industries through identification of common interest, workshop and data sharing and further seeks to entrench R & D synergy with local and international industries and firms operating in Nigeria.This is in addition to promoting models that for public/private and private/private partnerships for spin offs .

NiiN Industry Alliance goals & activities

NiiN intends to closely link Principal Investigators to industries in Nigeria to enable translation of advanced human immunology research expertise to medicines and creation of an industrial hub for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

Extensive industrial collaboration networks is intended here, allowing for the integration of additional expertise into NiiN research goals, the generation of large cohort studies and clinical trials and most notably, the creation of a hospitable and all-inclusive community of foremost immunologists.

Become a Partner

Engaging with industry

NiiN Members seeking to engage with industry supporters are encouraged to make an enquiry with the NiiN Administrative Officer to facilitate contact.

Find a commercial opportunity

Specific opportunities for NiiN Members and contributor organisations to engage with industry supporters will be made known.