Training and Fellowships


The Nigerian immunology and infection network has one of its objectives to assist in developing the critical mass needed in vaccine development and build the capacity of young Nigerian immunologist as well as create an environment for industrial and professional networking.The network identifies opportunities for capacity building.NiiN advanced training, is devoted to excellence in training at all stages of careers in immunology and infection. It promotes advanced training activities in member-institutions, professional bodies and the as well as between Laboratories and research organisations in the network.

NiiN’s Internal Training activities focus on its Ms/PhD, Postdoctoral, immunology school and Collaborative Training Programmes while, the External Training section is largely dedicated to the Expert Visitor and Conferences Programmes.

Harmattan Advanced Immunology School

The NiiN Harmattan School on Advanced Immunology takes off in 2020. This is to provide an opportunity for selected researchers and other participants including PhD students on current topics and techniques in immunology and its boundaries by leading immunologists. Also,to facilitate the exchange of ideas and establishment of networking opportunities for all participants.

We welcome participants who have a strong interest in immunology and vaccinology to participate in the school. The selection process is highly competitive and we expect all participants to be motivated and actively engage in all the activities during the programme.

For Staff of NABDA paper application through the Department is required in accordance to civil service rules and institutional guidelines.

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Postdoc Positions

Welcome to the Postdoctoral Programme!

One of NiiN’s objectives is to provide training to scientists at all career stages. The NiiN laboratory will host postdoctoral researchers competitively selected within its scope of activities and provide them with the training, mentoring and career development support needed to successfully progress in their desired careers.


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Joint Immunology Msc/PhDResearch programme

The NiiN provides the platform for medical biotechnology department to partner with academic institutions under agreed framework with National Biotechnology Development Agency for Msc/PhD research platform for its partners and members of the network.

For Staff of NABDA paper application through the Department is required in accordance to civil service rules and institutional guidelines.

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NAM S & T-NABDA expert fellowship programme

In line with its resolute efforts to promote South-South and North-South cooperation in science and technology, the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) has instituted a number of Fellowship schemes that are aimed at supporting deserving young scientists in the developing countries to establish closer linkages with the Centres of Excellence located in various countries. To further promote this objective the NAM S&T Centre [] has instituted a scheme, titled ‘Joint NAM S&T Centre – NABDA Visiting Expert Fellowship Programme’ jointly with the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Abuja, NIGERIA [].The objective of the joint Fellowship is to provide opportunities to scientists and researchers from the developing countries to work in the laboratories of NABDA and its associate institutions and centres in the fields of Molecular Diagnostic Research, Forensic DNA and Recombinant Vaccine Development in order to enhance their research skills, facilitate exchange of information and contacts and create a network among the scientists and researchers from Nigeria and other developing countries.

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