Host PI’s Message

Immunology as an essential component of Biomedical Sciences plays a fundamental role in protecting against parasitic, bacterial and viral infections. It is of note that any malfunction of this system possibly results in diverse  medical conditions.Importantly, the current understanding and development of manipulation techniques of the immune system is a potent tool in rapid development of vaccines, antibodies and point of care diagnostics. As Nigeria expands its scope and mechanism in fighting infectious diseases inclusive of emerging and re-emerging infections, the need to network among various stakeholders becomes imperative. Additionally, training and capacity development of  researchers,scientists,clinicians and molecular epidemiologists for the overall benefit of the country and the region adds to the required critical mass  needed to achieve excellent health response, biosecurity  and eradition of  infectious and non-infectious pathogens.
As the Network takes-off with the intent to consistently support translational research capabilities, strengthen the immunology research expertise in the country and further develop human immunology translations. Ensuring the translation of research towards recombinant vaccine and molecular diagnostics development while promoting diligent efforts  to create an industrial hub for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical  firms in Nigeria  forms an integral agenda.
It is our believe that Nigeria Immunology and Infection Network(NiiN) represents a vibrant and collaborative research environment for innovative R & D in Immunology/infection which will  encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise between  the academia, industry and clinical stakeholders.
Barth Ibeh Ph.D, FCBET